Sign in to wikis by wetpaint this version of internet explorer is no longer supported. Please try a current version of ie or firefox. viagra cost Home discussions photos videos news updates members sign in or search results search again: all pages threads photos showing 2 items filtering out farmer's lung filtering out farmer's lung when i suspected that i was allergic to hay dust this autumn, i started using my husband's asbestos filter page location: slow feeding horses on paddock paradise tracks > blogs and websites > joann's blog > filtering out farmer's lung keyword tags: dust mask,  farmer's lung,  respirator  last updated: oct 7 2009, 11:47 am edt by tangledmanes winter on the pp - problems (a vent) - need moral support " this is nothing you prob dont already know but i urge you to do what it takes to find non-moldy hay next time you shop for hay. viagra natural natural We used to buy faithfully from a farmer whose bales were often moldy, not dried enough before bailing i guess. viagra dosing instructions I was always sniffing hay after i opened the bales to see which ones were moldy. online viagra without prescription Yeah, not good for me. But worse than throwing out alot of bales, was my horses getting heaves and copd. We finally searched for a new hay source and found a farmer whose bales were never moldy. What a relief. The horses got over the heaves, thankfully. viagra dosing instructions Best, sid"i am also plagued with moldy hay. Back when i started using the respirator for handling hay i thought throwing out 75 bad bales out of three hundred was a big deal. viagra vs viagra which is better Now, after moving the horses from ny to al, investing in a 40' storage container with ventilation, and buying half a year's worth of hay, i find that it must have been baled too wet and is now turning moldy. buy generic viagra Of course we will buy from a different supplier next time, but until we can get good hay i'm soaking each day's portion in water with apple cider vinegar before feeding it. I hope that the water soak prevents dust from going up their nostrils, and that the vinegar might kill off any remaining mold. viagra bayer 5 mg It still smells nice, like hay -- not mold, but is really dusty. cost comparison of viagra and viagra Maybe i can find someone who will take a retired haflinger in trade for some good hay -- this is getting too expensive for me to keep up with. :-( joann reply to thread: winter on the pp - problems (a vent) - need moral support (9 replies) thread location: icy conditions keyword tags: winter  posted: jan 3 2010, 9:31 pm est by tangledmanes browse by keywords loading... cheap viagra   top wikis by wetpaint sites javascript must be enabled in order for you to contribute to this site. To start contributing, enable javascript by changing your browser options, then try again. buy viagra online Home slow feeders small-mesh hay nets paddock paradise examples by location studying track movement what's happening blogs and websites ir horse topics new page (uncategorized) start a free website. generic viagra
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